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Our Services

Z4 Events wants to make your event a success with our services that your guests won’t forget. We are a talented and professional Weddings & Events DJ who brings a unique mixture of sounds, musical styles, and Custom lighting to make your occasion magical. You can trust us to guarantee that the entertainment at your event will run smoothly. Check out the different services that we provide below.

DJs & MCs


DJs & MCs

Our DJs & MCs sure know how to get a party started and keep it going all night long! We can give you an unforgettable event that you & your guest will love. Whether you're looking for DJs & MCs for your wedding day or a special event you can always count on us to make your moments memorable.


Lighting is a key element at any event. A popular choice for weddings and events, this lighting style creates dramatic ambiance and depth. You can use different colors to enhance your venue’s architecture and create a dramatic atmosphere.

LED Up-Lighting

Spot Lighting

Ensures all of your guests are focused on what's important at the right moments. Shine spotlights on you and your partner’s entry, table, the dance floor; especially for the first dance, and the entertainment areas.

With dance lighting that syncs to the music. It's now easier than ever to get guests to want to dance. Colorful, moving lights poured over the dance floor area create a visual effect that helps get people in the mood and dramatically enhances their energy.


Dance Floor Lighting


Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting can create lighting arrangements of your desired color to match your theme.  Their automated mechanism allows the lights to rotate between 360°- 180° degrees and develop complicated and colorful effects. 

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