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LED Video Wall,
DJ & Lighting Production

We have a Decade of DJ and event management experience with more than 2000 satisfied customer


For the 2023 - 2024 Wedding Season
or any ocations

From weddings,  and corporate events to any of your parties and special occasions, our DJ services are available for various events in these areas (Philadelphia PA, New Jersey, and Delaware). No matter the scale of your event, our skilled team will create enchanting joy with an attractive LED video Wall, amazing DJs, and eye-catching lighting production

Z4 EVENTS-traditional wedding vows

Weddings Events

Welcome to the magical world of our wedding event management! This union's day assumes a paramount stance within the annals of your being, a sanctified rite that our adept assemblage of event artisans wholeheartedly grasps. Guided by unwavering devotion, we embark on the metamorphosis of your cherished dreams into a resplendent tapestry of actuality, etching an enduring impression upon the canvas of memory..

Z4 EVENTS-traditional wedding vows

Private Events

Our ensemble of committed event orchestrators shall collaboratively liaise with you, delving into the depths of your intentions, and crafting a bespoke affair that transcends your anticipations. Be it corporate functions or convivial congregations, our fastidious attention to minutiae guarantees a meticulous blueprint and execution, bequeathing you the liberty to savor the moment unencumbered.

Z4 EVENTS-mixing dj

DJ & Corporate Events

We offer a wide range of services to accommodate various event types, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Utilizing our expansive roster of reputable vendors and collaborators, we have the capability to procure top-tier venues, exquisite decorations, delectable catering options, and entertainment choices that impeccably match your personal preferences and desires



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It makes us very happy to hear from you. Your email gets delivered to our mailbox, which is available 24 hours a day. On an average day, We react to a lot of emails every day, and yours is one of them. Depending on the information you provide, a member of our staff directly connects with you and walks you through the booking, planning, or consulting for the next process.

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